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McKenna Elise Adams was born on Sunday, Dec. 2, 1984 at Minneapolis Children's Hospital.She began singing at the age of 3 when she would sing songs all around the house non-stop. When she was 4 she made her first public appearance when she sang in a Lutheran school choir for children.She continued singing in public school choirs throughout her elementary school years. During her early teen years she discovered an interest in theater and was involved in both school and community theater productions. She also took piano lessons and attended summer vocal camps during this period. When she was 14 years old she discovered karaoke and really started to focus on her singing. She began high school and at the age of 15 years old she started writing music. She joined the high school choir, took vocal lessons, attended arts and performance camps, and continued to work on her music. She began performing publicly in local restaurants and at talent shows. It was at one of these talent shows that she first sang Shattered Dreams, #4 on her demo CD, to a crowd of over a thousand people, followed by the first publication of the song's lyrics.She recorded her first  CD, Messages From My Heart, in the Spring of 2004.   Now, at 26 years old. . She's hoping on making another demo CD sometime this year.She's also, planning on making a re-release of her first demo CD Messages From God on her new artist name McKenna Elise Adams. With new versions of the songs on her re-release of the same songs that were on her original release of her demo CD. She will keep you updated on how that turns out. 


She believes that every artist must be happy doing what they love to do. Cuz, if their not happy doing what they love to do. Then how in the world would they beable to make good music? They wouldn't. From what shes watched and seen on television and the newspapers. People end up getting involved with drugs and drinking. When their not happy with doing what they love to do. Not only that. But, the crap and pressure that they get from the media and record labels. Is enough to make them go nuts. It's no wonder why they can never take a vacation,have the creative power over their music that they want to have,sound the way they want to sound,look the way they want to look,be happy with doing what they love to do the most. And, that Is making music. Or even just being themselves. The way God created them. That's why Shes not planning on being signed up to a major record label anytime soon. Cuz, you lose your freedom to be happy and most of all your freedom to be you.

First Name: McKenna(real first name) Artist Name: McKenna Elise(artist middle name) Adams(artist last name) How I Got My Artist Name: I got my first name from a movie that I was named after. Called Somewhere In Time. The actress character in the movie was named Elise McKenna. Her manager always called her by her last name McKenna. So, my parents got the bright idea to name me McKenna. I decided to keep my real first name as my artist first name. Because it was already special. I didn't need to change it. Besides, who wouldn't want the name McKenna as a first name? When it sounds so beautiful. Then, I took the actress characters first name and added it as my artist middle name. How I came up with my artist last name is. When I was in middle school. I did a search on the movie Somewhere In Time. And found out that the movie was actually based on a real life broadway actress by the name Maude Adams. Her last name wasn't her real last name either. It was her mother maiden name. She just happened to take it as her stage last name. And kept her first name. Her real last name just happened to start with a K like mine does. And her first name Maude. Obviously starts with a M. Her middle name starts with a E. My middle name starts with an E as well. So, we have the same initials. M.E.K. So, that's how I came up with my artist name. Is it just a coincidence that her and I just happen to be interested in a lot of the same things. Like the theater? I don't know?

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